Best Crypto Casinos for Monero Gambling

In this guide, you will discover the best Monero casinos for XMR gambling. We have compared several casinos and their features in terms of Monero gambling.

If the first place your mind goes when you hear of digital currencies such as Zcash or Monero is the illegal marketplaces of the deep web, you should update your perspective. Forbes m1xagazine, no slouch in the media department, has reported that 45 artists will have XMR downloads available for the holidays. Those on the list aren’t just unknowns trying out FL Studio for the first time; they’re household names like Morrissey, Mariah Carey, Marilyn Manson, Slayer, and many more.

A cryptocoin doesn’t need to be only Bitcoin to be taken seriously by the public. This may be an inevitable result of Monero’s rising popularity, as many people get used to making cryptocurrency purchases.

Many businesses, organizations, and online resources are interested in cryptocurrencies as their market capitalization grows into the millions or perhaps billions. When applied to XMR, this figure is equal to $4.30 billion. Do you still find it hard to believe that music from several artists will be available for this digital currency?

This cryptocurrency has lately attracted the attention of the gaming sector. It’s perplexing, given the altcoin’s many advantageous privacy features. Regardless, you can find a reliable Monero casino.

Why bet with Monero?

Given its greater anonymity, several crypto-anarchists view Monero as a better solution than Bitcoin. What makes Bitcoin unique is that users can follow each transaction, see the amount, and have it checked. Given that particular funds may have a shady history due to darknet marketplaces, these quirks might become a concern. Because of these features, Monero provides even more anonymity:

  • Sender identity concealment rings among various types of digital signatures
  • Ring Signature Confidential Transactions (RingCT) is a system for concealing the value of a transfer.
  • Discrete access and spending keys for cryptocurrency.

Edward Snowden praised and mocked this digital currency as “amateur cryptocurrency” and an “excellent initiative.” He said errors might have “massive ramifications” for individuals in his position. The Monero price has lately risen beyond 300 USD for the currency’s first time in history, while its creators are exploring the multi-signature functionality, and Ledger has unveiled Monero support. When you include the artist updates, it becomes evident that the novice project is actively evolving rather than stagnating and that any flaws are being addressed.

A few advantages of using Monero for online gaming are as follows:


You may use Monero for anything, including online gambling, regardless of location.

Are you excited about going into the world of virtual currency? It’s easy to do.


Compared to other currencies often used in gambling, the crypto coin’s attributes make it the clear victor in the “privacy” category.

Faster transactions.

It’s among the quickest methods to validate withdrawals and deposits. XMR sees new blocks added by miners around every 2 minutes.

Instructions for using Monero in Gambling

Bets placed using Monero are not drastically different from those placed using Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Before depositing funds into a Monero casino account, you’ll need a wallet login for this cryptocurrency. It takes a few minutes to complete transactions (about four). However, the speed of the deposit may be affected by the resource you’re using.

Wish to get Monero? On the crypto coin’s official site, you may find cryptocurrency trading platforms that deal with fiat money (USD, EUR, RUB, etc.). Specific details on Monero mining are included.

You may start playing at Monero casinos immediately after you have a few coins. Have a good time!

Casinos where players can use Monero to bet and play games

Several search engine platforms have resulted in a compiled directory of reputable gaming sites accepting XMR. Or, if you’re fortunate, you can boost them. You may find them below:


The 1xBit platform, for example, allows wagering on several competitive games like football, horse racing, chess, rugby, and others. Users may also wager on eSports such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Overwatch, and Hearthstone.


With bitcoin gaming, FortuneJack has quickly risen to prominence to become one of the sector’s premier casino sites. You may always have a wonderful time with FJ because of its wide variety of games, positive reputation, and user-friendly website.


The Kryptosino casino is a digital currency gambling platform operated by Versus Odds BV and authorized by the government of Curacao. You may use Bitcoin or other supported altcoins to gamble on over 5,000 games, including the increasingly popular Monero.

Kryptosino is renowned for being a trustworthy online casino with instantaneous cashouts and generous rewards. In reality, you’ll choose between two different signup bonuses.

If you make a minimum deposit of 20 USD, you’ll be eligible for your first bonus. This is a 100 percent match for about 500 USD and doesn’t have any wagering requirements. Withdrawals made using a bet-free bonus can’t exceed five times your bonus amount.

Your second choice is a bigger bonus that matches your first deposit by 100 percent for about 1,000 USD and has playthrough requirements of thirty times your bonus and deposit combined. This offer has a maximum wager of 6 USD and may only be wagered with the least deposit amount of 20 USD.

Plus, at Kryptosino, you’ll get 15 percent cashback (divided into five percent daily, five percent weekly, and five percent monthly amounts) and 10 percent rakeback, no matter when you play.

The rakeback and the cashback are given as cash. You may get the equivalent VIP perk for every level you finish.

No lower deposit limit is required to utilize Monero at Kryptosino, and no upper deposit limit is implied or stated. The daily withdrawal limit while utilizing XMR is 10,000 USD.

Do any faucets support Monero?

The answer is yes! Some gambling establishments even provide XMR as a token of appreciation. However, keeping them in specialized online repositories is the best option. Some of the most common are as follows:

We have yet to look into the reliability of their payouts. However, you can. The community would appreciate hearing about the outcome in our comments section.

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