Best Crypto Casinos That Accept Dash

The use of cryptocurrency is growing day by day. Many cryptocurrencies have gained popularity in the past few years. This post will detail the best crypto casinos for Dash gambling.

The first thing ever said was “XCoin” (i.e., XCO. After over a month, people started calling it “Darkcoin” instead. The developers broke away from harmful, “dark” connections and focused on the bright future a year ago. Then along came Dash (the Digital Cash).

There’s a reason behind choosing this moniker. Dash aspires to become a user-friendly cryptocurrency where even your granny could invest. And these aren’t simply empty promises; the devs are actively working towards this goal.

Dash’s integration into the financial system is all but sure, thanks to the adoption of its InstantSend function and the cooperation with the Wirex internet banking service.

The casino sector is slowly adopting the new yet promising cryptocurrency. Because of its many advantages, it also has a reasonable possibility of becoming a market leader. The online platforms, however, should be our starting point.

Gambling websites that accept Dash for online play

Let’s take a quick look at the quirks of the DASH-accepting casinos we’ve discussed.


Because of the wide variety of games available, playing at the Kryptosino site will always be a good time. This category includes slot machines, live dealers table games, roulette, blackjack, television programs, and Provably Fair games like JetX.

There is no doubt in our minds that its welcome bonus will appeal to those who like wager-free promotions. A new player may get a wager-free deposit bonus of about 500 USD at Kryptosino. It would be best if you understood that the maximum withdrawal for this offer is 5x the bonus money, although it is a fantastic choice that may significantly increase your winning chances at the site.

You can opt for a 100 percent annual welcome bonus, for about 1,000 USD, on your initial deposit. If you go this route, you’ll need to make 30 times your initial deposit plus a bonus in wagers.

These promotions both have a maximum stake of 6 USD and call for a deposit of 20 USD.

Besides using Dash for betting, the leaderboards on Kryptosino are a neat feature. The top five per day, per week, and per month wagerers will get generous payouts. Each day, week, and month, the player who accumulates the most points will earn 500 bonus spins, 500 USD, as well as 1,500 USD, respectively.

Those players who enjoy taking a chance with Dash coin may rejoice. Because of the absence of maximum and minimum deposit requirements, you have complete control over the amount of Dash coins you deposit. Withdrawing Dash, however, is capped at 10,000 USD for each transaction.

FortuneJack and Crypto-Games.net are at the forefront of the cryptocurrency casino industry. Thus, they are comparable. With bonuses and casino games, FortuneJack Casino has you covered. While Crypto-Games only offers one variant of each game genre, the website’s speed is otherwise fantastic. Since it doesn’t need Adobe Flash, it should be okay with mobile gamblers using iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone.

Here’s the lowdown on using Dash for your first gaming venture.

You’ll need a dedicated wallet or access to an exchange that deals in this digital currency. There are 69 different platforms and four different brokers listed on the main page. You may also purchase Dash from ATMs and traditional retail locations. There is a how-to for Dash miners.

Visit a Dash casino’s site, copy the URL, and then play with your newfound cash. Pick a site currently offering a welcome bonus since this will enhance the total amount of money available for wagering.

How about some Dash Faucets?

Crypto faucets are attractive if you wish to free up your wallet with some Dash to bet at casino sites. Combining routine tasks and seeing advertisements may result in a steady stream of extra digital currency.

Some examples of such online resources are listed below:

  • 8raa.com
  • bagi.co.in/dashcoin
  • bitcoball.com/dash
  • btcinbtc.com/dash
  • dash-faucet.com
  • moondash.co.in
  • harena.space/dashcoin

Naturally, the faucets always let you earn a bit of Dash at a time. However, it should be sufficient if you want to “try it out” and see whether you like it.

Why is Dash gaining in popularity at online cryptocurrency casinos?

Dash, a reasonably young cryptocurrency, has already sparked several occurrences that have left onlookers speechless. Specifically, from the end of February to the end of April 2014, its price increased by 23x. DASH briefly made it into the top five most popular altcoins, but it could only maintain that position for a short time.

Afterward, for a long time, Dash tried and failed to retake the peak he had already topped. But 2017 flipped everything; while this cryptocoin was worth about 11 dollars in January, it is now worth over $900 as of mid-December and shows no signs of slowing down. At around 7 billion USD in value, it is the 7th largest coin by market valuation.

These facts and figures are only the tips of the iceberg for the many reasons Dash is gaining popularity. For bettors, this cryptocoin also offers several additional features and benefits.

The advent of instant payment systems (InstantSend).

Besides reducing the time to send money across the world, the costs associated with doing so are pretty modest (roughly $0.5). Instantaneous transactions often occur at a pace that is over 10x less than the rate at which bitcoins are transferred. Standard Dash transfers are even cheaper.

With this system, you get two levels rather than one.

Like other cryptocurrencies, miners verify transactions, and new blocks are added to the network. Masternodes are those users who have installed the whole blockchain and put up a thousand DASH as a stake. PrivateSend and InstantSend can’t function without Masternodes.

For this reason, Dash provides favorable circumstances for players. It allows anonymous gaming with quick and low-cost payments, as do most other crypto-assets. Still, developers have made great strides to ensure that Dash is safer, that transactions are cheaper and faster, and that users’ data is secure.

Strengthened safety measures.

Since Dash employs 11 distinct cryptographic encoding techniques (the sum of which is X11), hackers would need to solve each separately before succeeding. This makes the network more secure than single-algorithm digital currencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin.

A more private and secure way to transmit money (PrivateSend).

Separating similar transactions into different chunks and mixing them is how the secrecy is maintained.

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