Bitcoin Cash Casino

Bitcoin Cash Casino: Pros, Cons, FAQs, and Review

Do you want to know about the best casinos that use bitcoin cash? This article has all the information you need to know about these bitcoin cash casinos.

Bitcoin Cash was released in 2017 and since has become a major payment option for many institutions, as well as online casinos.

Online casinos that use Bitcoin Cash support cryptocurrency use by letting players make deposits in Bitcoin Cash, change it into fiat currency, play, and equally withdraw the equivalent of Bitcoin Cash in their preferred wallet.

As with any casino site, players are eligible to take advantage of cryptocurrency deposits and bonuses, and betting offers.

Advantages of Gambling At Online Casinos that Use Bitcoin Cash

Pros Of Bitcoin Cash Gambling

There are many benefits to playing using Bitcoin Cash on the internet. These benefits make Bitcoin Cash even more preferable to the regular payment options.

Faster trades, little or no additional charges, increased security, and some Bitcoin Cash bonuses are just a few examples.

Keep reading this guide to start playing using this crypto coin at reputable online casinos.

Low charges/Zero fees

Fed up with the extra charges associated with using traditional payment options? Then, it is helpful to look at other banking alternatives right away.

Most Bitcoin Cash casinos generally do not charge extra for transactions with this payment method. Bitcoin Cash may charge a fee for transactions at casinos but is lower than the traditional charge.

Fast Deposits for Bitcoin Cash

Another advantage of playing with this type of banking method is the speed of the transactions. Within few minutes, the Bitcoin Cash deposit will reflect in your account with the casino.

Fast Bitcoin Cash transactions

Withdrawals with Bitcoin Cash are just as quick and easy as deposits. Once the casino has processed your withdrawal request, it will not be long before your winnings are sent to your Bitcoin Cash wallet.

Anonymity and increased security

Since Bitcoin Cash is the most successful Bitcoin derivative, you can expect the high level of anonymity and security Bitcoin is known for.

Transactions with BCH take place directly between you and your casino. Your name does not appear in your transaction. Secure your wallet password and key and you do not need to worry about security breaches.

Bonuses And Promotions for Bitcoin Cash Gambling

Gambling using Bitcoin Cash may be suitable for some bonuses and promotions for online casinos that support the cryptocurrency. Just make a deposit using Bitcoin Cash and you will be given these rewards.

Best Casinos that Use Bitcoin Cash


This is a great casino to gamble at with Bitcoin Cash, with over 100 games, bonuses, and promotions that you can win when making a deposit using Bitcoin Cash.

If you have problems with playing using Bitcoin Cash in these casinos, their professional customer support will help you.

SuperSlots also offers the option of withdrawing your winnings in the form of the cryptocurrency you initially deposited at no extra charge after winning these bonuses.

This is another great casino that is accepting Bitcoin Cash and uses it in the various games which you can play at the online casino. Whether you deposit or withdraw as Bitcoin Cash, making transactions at this casino is fast and at no extra cost.

In online casinos, BetOnline is also ideal for players who are new to Bitcoin Cash gambling, as the site has detailed guides on how to buy Bitcoin Cash and deposit it into your casino account. You can also claim various rewards and offers.

How to Start Online Gambling with Bitcoin Cash

There are a few fundamental principles of online gambling using Bitcoin Cash that you need to know before you start playing Bitcoin Cash online as a professional.

Types of Bitcoin Cash online Gaming Platforms

You can see that this banking method is supported by the following basic types of gaming platforms:

Online Casinos

Given the advent of casinos that use Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash can be deposited and used in all games that are available at various online casinos, including board games, specialty games, and slots.

Poker websites

Poker is among the primary features of lots of online casinos, but there are also sites dedicated to poker. At poker websites that support Bitcoin Cash, you can bet on poker tables and competitions.

The Various Types of Available Games for Betting with Bitcoin Cash

The variety of games that are available for playing using Bitcoin Cash depending on the gaming platform you use. Online casinos, however, appear to possess the most diverse selection of games where you can play using cryptocurrencies.

These include board games such as roulette, blackjack, slots, and poker variations, as well as specialty games such as Scratch Cards and Keno. The sports betting platforms offer a huge selection of Bitcoin Cash betting options in sports such as football, boxing, and basketball.

What is Provably Fair Gambling?

This concept is a new technology based on Bitcoin that lets players try and verify gambling results in online casinos. In the past, players had to rely on the claims of game platform operators that their games were as fair.

However, with this impressive technology, players can test the authenticity of these games themselves through the process of hashing.

The game site will provide a seed number that is hashed and forward it to the gamer. The player then adds a seed number that must have been created by the browser of the player. When the bet is over and the outcome of the bet is determined, the player receives the seed that showed the outcome of the bet.

Players can then check the game to see if the scores are really random. If violated, the hashing function will be unverified or invalid.

A Detailed Guide To Gambling Using Bitcoin Cash

Are you a novice to gambling online using Bitcoin Cash? Then you should note these guidelines to start.

Purchasing Bitcoin Cash Tokens

The initial step you have to take to participate in a Bitcoin Cash gaming adventure is to purchase Bitcoin Cash. There are many platforms where you will purchase Bitcoin Cash in traditional or fiat currencies. Bitcoin Cash is paid in dollars or pounds and the corresponding BCH is sent to your wallet.

Find a Gambling Operator for Bitcoin Cash

The next step is to find a BCH game site to play. As mentioned in the BCH Gambling Platform section, there are many gambling sites that support using Bitcoin Cash to play.

Registering at online Casinos that use Bitcoin Cash

If you prefer online casinos, you will discover a lot of online Bitcoin Cash casinos. Your next move is to access and register at the casino of your choice. You will be asked to enter your personal details and confirm your registration via email.

Maintaining Anonymity Using Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash usually provides anonymity. As with Bitcoin, it is important to note that all transactions are stored in the general ledger, but this should not affect your anonymous status in online casinos. Several BCH game sites do not need KYC information for further protection of players’ privacy.

Bitcoin Cash Casino Deposits

Funding your Bitcoin Cash Casino account is not difficult, even for beginners. The whole process is described in detail below.

How to deposit Bitcoin Cash into your online casino account

A wallet and BCH are required before depositing Bitcoin Cash in your casino account.

  • Open your wallet and save Bitcoin Cash. We recommend cloud or online wallets, as they are easy to use. There are many trusted platforms on the internet where you can open your wallet.
  • Buy Bitcoin Cash through currency exchange, as it is the most popular option used by players. In the foreign exchange market, you can easily buy Bitcoin Cash in fiat currency (dollars or pounds).
  • Go to the casino cashier section and select a deposit.
  • Choose Bitcoin Cash to be your preferred deposit method.
  • The online casino will give you an address to send Bitcoin Cash. If you want to create a casino address, you must go back to your BCH wallet and send the Bitcoin Cash you want to the specified address. Some casinos allow you to automatically deposit Bitcoin Cash from the casino cashier.
  • Here you must enter the BCH wallet address and the deposit amount. You will then be asked to confirm your deposit request
  • The process is complete. The money will be deposited in your account in a few minutes.

Withdrawals at Bitcoin Cash Casinos

After winning a BCH bet on a game, you may want to learn how to withdraw from your winnings at online casinos using Bitcoin Cash. The method is as follows.

How to withdraw from online casinos using Bitcoin Cash

  • To withdraw money as Bitcoin Cash, go to the casino checkout area, choose Bitcoin Cash as the withdrawal method, and then choose the amount you intend to withdraw.
  • Just enter a public wallet address in the required fields and you’re good to go.
  • If the casino does not offer an exchange service, you will need to sell Bitcoin Cash and convert it into cash. By the way, you do not have to look far to find a buyer.
  • There are many great exchanges that can help you turn Bitcoin Cash into a traditional currency.

Gambling Promotions for Bitcoin Cash

Take a look at the bonuses and promotions you can get when you play using Bitcoin Cash in online casinos.


SuperSlots do not offer BCH bonuses. However, even if you deposit using Bitcoin Cash, you can claim all the bonuses and promotions available at the casino.

For example, if you use the SUPER300 promotion code as a new player and make at least $25 deposits for the first three times, SuperSlots will receive a welcome bonus of up to 300% for about $2000 for every deposit.

SuperSlots has promotions that you can play for at least $500 or its BCH equivalent from Monday to Wednesday. Then the following Friday or Saturday, you will be eligible for 10 time free slot spins.


This casino welcomes first-time players with 100% casino bonuses up to $1000 in the initial three deposits. It’s up to you how to make a deposit. This means you can use Bitcoin Cash and get a welcome bonus.

If you want to claim the bonus, make use of the promotion code – BOLCASINO to make a BCH deposit of a $25 minimum.

BetOnline also offers a 100% crypto bonus for the first time. If you use the CRYPTO100 promo code on your first cryptocurrency deposit with Bitcoin Cash and various other cryptocurrencies available on the website, you will get a 100% about $1000 bonus.

How We Ensure the Legitimacy of a Casino Using Bitcoin Cash

Playing casino games at legitimate and verified casinos is essential for an enjoyable gaming experience.

There are many factors to consider before recommending the best Bitcoin Cash casinos on this list.

Note the approval deadline

In order for an online casino to start a payment transaction, it usually needs to be approved first. Once approved, you may have to wait an additional period for the site to confirm your request.

Check the legitimacy of the casino

Always be sure a casino website is totally licensed and verified before entering your personal banking details. If you do not know who to trust, you can be sure that all of the above platforms are 100% legal and safe online casinos.

Check withdrawal fees

Several online casinos charge for specific payment methods, so be sure to check and agree on the charges before continuing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bitcoin Cash Gambling

  • Is Bitcoin Cash secure for use?

Yes, it is equally as secure as Bitcoin. The BCH is secure as long as the wallet password and private key are kept secure.

  • Where can I purchase Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash can be purchased through cryptocurrency exchanges. You can exchange other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or pay in your local currency.

  • Is it safe to bet using Bitcoin Cash?

Yes, Bitcoin Cash is a secure way to bet on online casinos. In most cases, no personal information is required to maintain and keep your anonymity.

  • Are Casinos Using Bitcoin Cash safe?

Normally, the average Bitcoin Cash online casino should be safe to play at, but it depends largely on the legitimacy and credibility of the casino. Therefore, you only need to visit casino sites that have been confirmed to be legitimate and support fair gameplay.

  • Is Bitcoin Cash the only mode of payment on online gambling sites?

Many of the casino sites that use Bitcoin Cash offer various other payment methods in addition to this crypto coin. Some of these are Bitcoin, Neosurf as well as other regular payment methods.

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